Monday, February 07, 2011

Mom Interview - Lisa

Lisa is a friend of mine I met through meetup where we both joined the book club.
Although we live very close to each other, we rarely see each other besides book club due to busy schedules.

1.      Name: Lisa

2.      Children: Dylan, age 3

3.      Why did you start having kids when you did (why not start earlier, why not wait)?
I did not meet Len until a bit later in life, and everyone previous was just not the right person to have kids with.

4.      Why did you have only 1 child?  Was it your (you and your partner’s) decision or an outside factor?
Mostly an age factor.  I was not 18 when Dylan was born and Dylan is special needs, so that as well as a baby, no thanks.

5.      Did you always want kids?
      Always, all my friends from high school were surprised I did not have 6 kids already.

6.      Tell us a little bit about Dylan.
Dylan was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) when he was 2 ½.  (Editing to add: He is a lovely little boy (little – he is younger than both my kids, but bigger and taller than both), who knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want.  He certainly knows how to keep both parents on their toes.)

7.      What do you do for childcare?
Right now I am a stay at home Mom (this was not in the plans), but since Dylan is currently in an Early Intervention Program for Autism, and we have respite come to work with him, it is important for me to be available to help all the time.

8.      Describe a favourite moment with Dylan.
I love it when he wakes up a bit early and he climbs into bed with me and we just hang out and snuggle.
9.      What are your current challenges?
Potty training.  He is delayed, and we struggle every day with getting him onto the potty on time and making sure us as parents catch his cues since he is not able to tell us yet.
It is very frustrating to have him over 3 and still be dealing with diapers.

10.   Looking back over the past 3 years, is there something you would have done differently?  What is it?
I was a nervous Mother at the beginning, looking back I would like to change that, I would have traveled more with him as a small child.

11.    Favourite things to do together / as a family?
Heritage Park – we love the open spaces, the fresh air and it is safe.
Canmore visits – we really enjoy going out to Canmore getting a hotel and having a mini family vacation together.  (I (Jenny) pointed her to my favourite coffee shop in Canmore – The Bagel Company – right on main street if you are interested.)
The Pool – we have a membership at the YMCA and my hubby and Dylan go the pool a lot.

Thanks Lisa for participating and being my first Mom interview!