Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Changing Dayhomes

Last Friday was our last day at our dayhome.
It was a day of mixed feelings.

Anna and Little Girl at her Christmas party in 2009

Sad because we have been with Anna since Little Girl was one and I went back to work.
Sad because she has become part of our family and we love her, the kids love her and she loves our children as though they are her own grandchildren.
Happy because Little Girl has aged out of her care (she doesn't do before and after school care).
Happy because we are growing and starting school in a few days.
Happy because we have found another dayhome that I think will be just as good.
Happy because today they started at their new dayhome and went happily and no crying.

Little Boy getting his present from Santa at Anna's annual
Christmas party. (2009

Little Girl and Santa (2009)
Do you use a dayhome for your children?  Have you been a fortunate as we have to have found someone that has become an extension of your family?

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