Friday, July 08, 2011

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Garden Photos - Week 8

First I can't believe I had had the garden planted for 8 weeks already!!

Wow, where does time go?

So far I have been very lucky, the weather is co-operating with me.  We have now had 2 weeks of warm / hot weather.  I have been watering a lot since there is also no rain coming.

My cherry tomatoes are doing super great - in the picture below they are at the back corner, you can see how they are much taller than their cage, and you should see the flowers.

On one plant alone, I counted 20 flower bunches, that does not include the 6 bunches of already tomatoes.  If the weather continues to cooperate we are going to be eating lots of delicious tomatoes.

The one orange one I showed you a week ago, is now red and starting to soften up - we are probably only a few days away from eating that, and the other plants have orange tomatoes now too.

Peas - they are loving the heat - it seems like every day they grow a few inches while I am at work.  I can just see the buds of a few flowers.

Grape tomatoes are in pots on my deck - they too have done very well in the heat, all 4 plants have small tomatoes on them, and more and more flowers showing up daily.

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