Friday, March 16, 2012

Kid's Pizza Party

For Little Girl's fifth birthday I planned 2 parties, one for her and all her friends and also a family dinner.

First up was the friends party - as previously mentioned I did a Pizza Party!
The kids had a good time making their own pizza's, and then I let them decorate their own cupcakes - I gave them all little baggies with icing and let them go to town with the sprinkles.

Here is a picture I took of all the kids in their aprons and chef's hats.  I did not want to show the children who are not mine on my blog, hence why their faces are blocked out.

I used fabric paint to write each child's name on their apron, and they got to take them home in their loot bag.

Hopefully we have a few future chef's on our hands.

Cupcakes I decorated for the parents.

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  1. So fun. What a great idea. I love the chef hats!! And those cupcakes are beautiful. How did you kids become so big?