Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear Readers

Dear Blog,
I am sorry I have abandoned you all week.
There really is no excuse except I was busy and finally when some free time came about, I choose sleep over you.

Dear Readers,
I abandoned you all week too, and for that I am sorry, but as busy as I was, there was not a lot of bloggable stuff going on.

What did happen this week was I found a day home for Little Girl and Little Boy for next year.

Someone once told me that as a working Mom, the hardest years are the pre-school and Kindergarten years.
Wow, how true they are.

Last year I was stressed to the max trying to figure out how to get Little Girl to and from pre-school – so stressed in fact that I had neck and shoulder pain and went and saw a Chiropractor.
This year I have handled it a bit better, meaning no physical pain, but that doesn’t mean the stress is not there.

The day home we currently have the kids at is amazing. 
We started with Anna when Little Girl was just 12 months old and I was going back to work and  Little Boy at 11 months old.
Anna and her husband have become an extension of our family – and we love them. The kids love them.

But we have a problem.

Anna does not transport kids to and from school, she does not walk kids to bus stops, she does not have before and after school kids.
Anna likes the little kids – loves the babies.

So because of this Little Girl is bored.  She is the oldest and Little Boy is the next oldest, everyone else is younger.

We need a place for the her to go that would work with her Kindergarten schedule next year (2 ½ days a week).
My biggest problem was what am I going to do with her on the full days she is not in school? And what about Little Boy, can I leave him behind?  We are going to have to move him in a year or two anyway.

Last night we met with a day home provider and secured our spots with her.

She does before and after school and a full time day home.
All the children with her go to the same school Little Girl will be going to next year.
The bus stop is right outside her house.
She has another 3 year old that she takes care of full time – someone for Little Boy to play with.
She does lots of activities and keeps the kids active and entertained without constantly using the TV.
Best of all – Little Boy and Little Girl get to stay together!

My heart is breaking about having to leave Anna in September, but I know my heart will break when my kids graduate from high school too.  Changes are hard, but I am making a change that makes me feel good and I know is the perfect choice for us.

Have a great weekend,




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