Thursday, May 03, 2012

Soccer has Started

Little Girl started soccer on Monday, and it went well but there is a bit of a funny story to go with it.

First is started with us checking in and being sent to the wrong field.
Then Little Girl started to cry and say she did not want to be there and wanted to go home.
So I was a little distracted dealing with her and helping her start to feel comfortable, changing her into her uniform (in freezing cold Calgary conditions).

But I was able to turn her around with the help of some "magic soccer pills" (don't worry, it was just mints, I wasn't actually drugging her).

And then the coach asked us if we were Team 1 - which we are - Team 1 U5.  He never clarified the U5 part, nor did he do a team roster check.

So I am sure you can figure out where this is going, yes, we were on the wrong team.  She played the entire practice and game on the U6 team and not with the U5 team.

But it is a good thing, those U6 kids were really good, she rarely got a chance to touch the ball in the game so crossing my fingers the U5 players are not as good and she will be able to not only touch the ball but score a goal as well.

She actually didn't want to leave the field on Monday because she had not scored a goal yet, and then she could not understand why she didn't get a gold medal yet.
Too cute!
So needless to say she will not be playing on the Blue team anymore but instead the Red team instead, but I could not resist posting these pictures - look at how adorable and grown up she is.

As you can see, it was a cold evening - thankfully I came prepared.
Editing to add:

Last night we had soccer again, and this time we played on the correct team.

Yeah!  The Red Team!!

Little Girl did awesome, no tears and way more smiles.

She had a blast and even scored 3 goals in the game!  So, yup, she is hooked.

Tired at the end of the game.

I even got super bonus Mom points because I shared the Magic Soccer Pills with another little girl and it helper her leave her Father's side and want to play again.
Nothing like a little placebo to help with those shy butterflies.

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