Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mom Interviews

A friend of mine Dee Ann has a wonderful blog, where for 3 years now, she has taken a picture every single day and blogged it.
One of my favourite sessions she did was one year (I think year 2??) she did a weekly interview with someone, and posted it along with some pictures from that interview.

I decided I want to do something similar (thanks for the idea Dee Ann!); so I am going to be conducting some Mom interviews. 

If you would like to be interviewed, please post a comment, I do not care how old or young you are, or how old or young your children are, once a Mom, always a Mom, right?
(Note: you do not have to live in Calgary for me to accomplish this, I am more than okay with an email or phone interview, but I will ask for you to email me a picture of you and / or your children.)

If you happen to be lucky enough to be a close friend of mine, watch out, I am sure I will try and snag an interview with you anyway.

Little Girl, Little Boy and myself at his second birthday party.

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