Monday, January 24, 2011


Minivan Stiletto!

Who says you can't drive a minivan and still wear stilettos?

I am a minivan driving Mother of 2.
I went grumbling into the decision to buy a minivan, but it was what we needed for our family at the time.
I remember clearly a few weeks after owning the minivan, driving down the road alone, listening to a great song on the radio, windows open, music blasting, and quickly realized I did not look 'cool' anymore and there was no way to pretend I was still cool while driving a minivan.

But, if I am going to drive a minivan, I will still wear some kick-ass shoes while I do it.
Although not all the time, I have to admit I laugh at those Mom's I see in the park wearing their 3 inch healed boots.
I am a big believer of my high heels, stilettos in the right environment, out with the girls, at work, at a party, but the park?  Hmmm - no thanks, I want to be able to go down the slide with my kids, sit in the rocks / sand and make a castle or run and play hide and go seek, for that, I need some flats.

My name is Jenny.  I have 2 amazing children, one wonderful husband and a crazy miniature daschund.

Please join me as I start this blog all about raising a family and driving a minivan while wearing my stilettos!

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