Monday, April 04, 2011

Book Reviews

If you know me in real-life and possibly in blogger-life, you know I like to read.

I grew up reading, I remember spending many summer holiday afternoons in the library, searching for a great book or lets be honest, a Sweet Valley High book I had not read yet.

Reading has been hit and miss for me as an adult, I have gone through times of lots of TV watching and very little reading, but over the past few years, I have started reading more and more.

Now there is never a time I am without a book to read.  Even if I have just finished one, I will pick up a new one 5 minutes later.

Reading for me is not a private thing, I love to talk about the books I am reading, I love to share great reads and loan a book out to someone, hence why I am in 2 book clubs.

I have two lists of books.

List number 1 - Books I want to read.
This list is where I put a book that someone recommends, or a book I have stumbled across (I read book blogs) that looks good.  This is a very helpful book for making library holds.

List number 2 - Books I have read.
This is a list where I write down the book, author, number of pages and the month I read it in.
I sort this list yearly (2009 - 41 books; 2010 - 57 books; 2011 - currently reading #14) .

Both my lists are actually in one Word document since almost all books move from list number 1 to list number 2.

I hope to share with you some of my great reads this year, my not so great and I will try and go back and highlight a few of my favourites from last year.

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