Tuesday, April 05, 2011


The preschool question has been solved.

I struggled with this one as many of you know.  Little Girl is 4 now, but she is not old enough to go to Kindergarten next year, so that leaves preschool.

I looked into A LOT of preschools. 
I looked at ones close to our house, close to my work, I looked at ones that were cheaper because they expect quite a bit of parent volunteering, I looked at more expensive ones that still expected a lot of parent volunteering.
I looked at preschools that are combined with day cares.

Seriously, if it was out there I looked into it.

I was stressed, to the point I was in physical pain, not until this was resolved did the pain go away and I realized just how stressed I was.

Here is why I was so stressed about it: Little Girl is very shy, she does not do well in large crowds, and does not do well at all with adult strangers.

We did swimming lessons over the winter - she did not make it into the water for 3 of the 7 classes - and she loves to swim.

So i knew that I needed to get her into preschool to help with the transition into Kindergarten.  I needed to get her out of her comfort zone and help her transition into being able to play sports or do things without Mommy or Daddy by her side constantly.
(Soccer this year - yeah right!)

So a very good friend of mine volunteered to pick Little Girl up from her day home, and drive her along with her son to preschool.
So Little Girl gets to go to preschool with a good friend by her side.

This is the best thing for her.  We don't have to take her out of day home, she will get to stay with her brother for one more year.
They are going to be going 4 afternoons a week, and it is not too far from my work, so I will be able to take a few hours off to come and do my part as a parent volunteer.

I can't wait to go and buy her a backpack!

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