Monday, April 11, 2011


I follow the blog Notes from a Cookie Jar all the time.  Recently she did a 4 week feature talking about her groceries and trying to budget them a bit more and also bring the costs down.
Every week she took a picture of her groceries and posted it on her blog.

I love this idea, so I am going to try, the only problem is I don't tend to do one grocery trip / week.
I did some grocery shopping on Friday and then I was back at the store on Sunday, and I am sure I will be back at least once or twice before the weekend, but here is my attempt.

I am doing this for a few reasons, first it looks like fun, second, if I can help cut down the costs of our groceries that would be fantastic.

First trip: Superstore
Money spent: $55.12

We were hosting a family brunch the next mornning - normally I do not buy 2 packages of sausage, everything else is ralativly normal (yes, even the huge box of Goldfish carckers - I have 2 small kids).

Mushroons - $5.47 / kg
Asparagus - $2.82 / kg
Cucumbers - 3 pack for $2.28
Broccoli - $0.99 / bunch
Red Pepper - $6.55 / kg

Second trip: Wal-Mart (we hardly ever shop here, but we were there for another reason so I grabbed a few things I needed to save a trip).
Money spent: $55.83

Let me first point out that the 2 bags of chips are going out to the lake, Hubby is going out soon to summerize it for us and I bought those to stock up our pantry (we honestly do not eat that many chips in a weekend).

The chicken - looked like a good price - $5.00 for 3 large chicken breast / pack (they were a flat price - so picked the biggest ones I could find).

Lemons - $0.37 / each
Yams - $2.14 / kg

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