Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Growing up we never went camping, correction, we went twice, the first time I remember a lot of rain, the second time I remember swarms of mosquitoes.

When I left home and ventured out on my own, none of my girlfriends were into camping, rather our idea of camping involved a nice hotel with a great lounge where we could camp out in the evening.

So when I met my husband and found out he was big time into camping with his friends, I was more than a little leery.

I remember the first time he took me out, I had to go and buy a pair of Tivas; the only sandals I owned had a minimum 2 inch heal.
We went to a no services campground with 2 other couples.  No services means outhouses, but I am not a complete princess – I have used them before – I grew up visiting my grandmother and that was the only washroom at her place.

But we had lots of fun that first time out, swimming in the river, lots of laughs and maybe a few jell-o shooters.

The 2-man tent we used got a lot of use those first 2 summers, including a trip out to Tofino where he asked me to marry him at sunset on the beach, but after we discovered the tent had more holes than a brick of Swiss cheese, I started making noises for a trailer.

Our first trailer was bought after we got married, a 17 foot expandable.  We were in heaven!
A furnace, a fridge and a freezer, a washroom – with a flushing toilet.  I might add and we could stand up to get dressed.

We decided right away that we were going to bring our children camping as early as possible.  We camped with Little Girl when she was 2 months old and Little Boy when he was 6 months old.  We would have gone sooner but in Alberta there is only so early even we get out camping.

 Little Girl - her first camping trip - 2 months old that day - I love how little she is on this bed.

This is one of my favourite pictures.  There is a great Dad!

Same camping trip - this is my first Mother's Day!

We loved that little trailer, we only had it for 2 season, but it was fantastic.  Light weight, but still had everything we could want / need in a trailer – we took some great vacations with it into BC.

But camping has changed for us.... more to come on that soon.

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