Saturday, June 25, 2011

The First Harvest

After a bird stole our first ripe strawberry before we could eat it ourselves, we had to wait quite a while for another one to be ready.

The day finally arrived.

If you have more than one child you know that it is hard to give one child something and not the other - at least when you are trying to not have a temper tantrum on your hands. 

It had been decided a long time ago that Little Girl would get the first strawberry and Little Boy gets the second, but try and tell Little Boy that his is not ready yet, and he has to wait 4 more days.

So I woke up early, went and woke up Little Girl, who is normally quite slow getting out of bed, and said "Do you want to go and pick the strawberry?"

You should have seen her jump out of bed - look at me with questioning eyes. 

So downstairs we go, putting sweaters on and out onto the dew covered grass to the garden.

I was kind of hoping she would eat it right out of the garden, but there was a little bit of dirt on it, so we had to wash it off before it could be consumed - oh and I wanted a picture too.

So here is our first harvest! 

Eversweet Strawberry

She said it was yummy.  I have to wait until the third strawberry is ready to get my taste.

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