Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Garden Update

I was planning on doing a garden update before I went on holidays, but ran out of time, so here is a comparison post about how we are doing.

Before holidays: 10 weeks

After holidays: 12 1/2 weeks
 You can see in the photo that my spinach is pretty much dead.  We did not harvest any of it.  It bolted when the plants were really small and has subsequently died.  Not sure what I did wrong, but I am thinking the soil is lacking something.  Any ideas?

This is our almost ready to eat grape tomato before holidays, unfortunately it was not ready in time and my dear friend who came and diligently watered everything got to enjoy it and many other goodies from the garden.

Roma tomatoes before holidays:

 Roma tomatoes after holidays:

 Peas before (these were also not quite ready to eat when we left, but we are enjoying them now)

Peas after (they are kind of over grown, note to self for next year - more space is needed and a much, much taller fence)

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