Monday, August 29, 2011

Kayben Farms

This weekend I took the kids out to Kayben Farms while I left Hubby at home to do some yard work.
I have a lot of friends that take their kids regularly to Kayben Farms, but for us, this was our first time.
Lucky for us, it was Harvest Festival Day!

If you have never been or have not even heard of Kayben Farms, it is located just north of Okotoks, they have a great adventure park for kids, a u-pick fruit section and a u-pick vegetable section.

This thing is called The Berry Bounce - if there were not so many kids there - I would have been bouncing on it - it looks like so much fun!

For the festival there were also wagon rides (no pictures – sorry – alone with 2 kids makes it a lot harder to get photos), games where the kids won little prizes (Little Boy got a sticker and Little Girl got stick on earrings).

I can see why kids and adults love this place.  Who would not love a slide this big?

They also had their outdoor concession open serving Black Currant slushies (OMG they were good), and lunch items.
We decided to share a smokie bought from the concession instead of sitting down at Jo-Jo’s cafe.  Although the smokie was good – I think next time I want to eat at Jo-Jo’s – it looked amazing.

Cost of admission is $8.00 / person or $25 for a family – in my opinion – totally worth it.  And if you want to come back a few times a family pass for the season is only $75.

There were lots of other things to do there - but my kids were starting to run out of steam, it was hot and nap time for Litte Boy was quickly approaching.
Next time we might get around to some of the other stuff.

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