Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blog Watch - Bent on Better Lunches

I love to share with my readers great blogs I come across.
I stumbled onto this one a few weeks ago and LOVE it!  Bent on Better Lunches.

Cristi is a mother of 4 – and she blogs about the lunches she makes for her kids.  I love her creativity and her drive to have her children eat healthy meals, but also to eat a lot of variety.

Next year we might have Little Girl in full day Kindergarten and that means I will be entering into the wonderful world of school lunches.  As we have gone through the decision to do full of half days, I even asked hubby – “What am I going to send for lunch every day?”

I have a feeling this blog might be my school lunch bible for a while.

Take a look at one of the lunches she sent to school:

Here is a lunch she provided for a child at home:

Okay, I want those lunches!  And I am a big believer in 'food tastes better when it is fun'.

I have already used a few ideas of hers, and now I am keeping my eyes open for silicone cupcake liners on sale.

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  1. Thanks for this lovely post about my blog Jenny! Totally made my day :) I just read your Making Food Fun - Eating with Chopsticks post - now YOU've given ME a great idea for a lunch this week!