Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We're In!

Since I have been talking quite a bit about what we are doing for our schooling next year, I thought I would update you all and let you know that I got a call on Friday afternoon, letting me know that Little Girl has been accepted into Kindergarten at Foundations for the Future Charter Academy.

If you live in Calgary and have heard about the school, you know that they have a fantastic reputation and it is pretty hard to get in.

I put Little Girl on their waiting list when she was approximately 4 months old (and by the way we were number 62 on the list).

Although this school is not for everyone, I am fairly confident it is for us (or at least for Little Girl).

We had requested to do their full day Kindergarten - meaning 2 1/2 days a week and that is what we got. But now the challenging part comes: what are we going to do for child care.

She has aged out of the day home we currently have both kids at, and besides there is no way for our day home lady to get her to and from school, but if / when we move her, do we move Little Boy as well? I know he will miss her dearly (and her him) especially on those full days that she is not in school.

I am looking for a fantastic before and after school program or home, hopefully either very close to our house and they can drive her to school, or very close to her school and they can walk her.

No one said having kids was going to be easy, but it is sometimes super hard to make decisions in February to determine what you are doing in September.

What about you? Are you a working Mom also struggling with kids going to school next year?

Or did you already go through that and what was your solution?

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