Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

He is the most amazing father ever.
He is involved.
He engages.
He knows not just how to take the kids out of the house by himself to a park or play place, but he also knows when to do it so I get some space and time alone.

Really, truly, the best!

Little Girl and Daddy
Little Boy and Daddy

I interviewed the kids about their Daddy, it is pretty funny, enjoy.

How old is Daddy?
Little Girl: I don’t know?
Me: Do you want to guess?
Little Girl: No.
Me: How many numbers do you think Daddy is?
Little Girl: 4
Me: Do you think Daddy is older than you?
Little Girl: No, oh, I know he is 16.

Little Boy: I don’t know?
Me: How many numbers do you think Daddy is?
Little Boy: 3

How tall is Daddy?
Little Girl: Bigger than you.
Little Boy: I don’t know, taller than Mommy (whispered from little girl).

Where does Daddy work?
Little Girl: At his office.
Little Boy: At his work.
What does Daddy do all day at work?
Little Girl: He works.
Me: What kind of work?
Little Girl: Stuff on his computer.

Little Boy: He eats mint chocolate and pushes buttons on his computer.
What does Daddy do when he comes home from work?
Little Girl: He puts his stuff down, takes his jacket off, talks to you, eats lunch, gets dressed (changes is clothes); after he gets dressed then he comes downstairs and sometimes when you go to book club we all go in the basement and play.
Little Boy: He right away goes to bed.

What is Daddy’s favourite food?
Little Girl: Jelly beans, the black ones.
Little Boy: My favourite crackers (Bacon Dippers).
What is Daddy’s favourite colour?
Little Girl: Blue and white.
Little Boy: Blue.
Who is Daddy’s favourite person?
Little Girl: You.
Little Boy: I don’t know? His boss!
What does Daddy like better dgs or cats?
Little Girl: Dogs, no wait he likes cats.
Little Boy: Doggies.
What sports does Daddy play / do?
Little Girl: He plays, ummmm, golf ball.
Little Boy: He plays a game to put some balls in the hole.
What is Daddy’s favourite movie?
Little Girl: Hockey.
Little Boy: Dragon movie - that is my favourite too (How to Train Your Dragon).
Who does Daddy love?
Little Girl: Me and (Little boy) and you, everybody in the family.
Little Boy: Brutis.
Anything you want to tell me about Daddy?
Little Boy: For 3 days when he went to his hotel we had fun with you.
Little Boy: He plays games on his computer.


  1. Ah what a sweet post. Love it. Great photos too!!

  2. Love the interview! My favorite is "he eats mint chocolate and pushes buttons on this computer." Great idea to record their thoughts, I need to do this more!