Friday, June 01, 2012

A Little Blogging Break

I hate to admit how bad I have been this past month at blogging, but I am sure I'm not the only one that takes a little break now and again from blogging.

Sometimes I guess I just needed to focus inward and not so much on blogging.

But here is an update and what has happened in our lives for the last 2 week (nothing earth shattering - no, I am NOT pregnant).

On Mother's Day I joined my friend Armig to support and cheer her on as she ran her first ever 10K in the Sporkcheck Mother's Day Run and Walk.
She met both her goals!
1. She did not stop at all and 2. she ran it in under 1 hour - 59:25 to be exact.

Armig before her race.

We went out to the trailer for May Long.
I have virtually no pictures, but we allowed the kids to stay up for the fire works they put on, it was a first for both of them and this picture came off my iPhone.

They both loved them - Little Boy especially, but I think that was only because he managed to have a late afternoon nap and was no where near as tired as Little Girl.

I planted my garden - here is what it looked like right after I planted it - excited right?

My strawberries are coming along quite well - as of right now they are bit bigger and we have flowers already.

My rhubarb is also doing well - I was really hoping to be able to to make jam with it this year, but I don't know if I will have enough - looking like I manage to make a crisp or two.
If you have rhubarb you want to off load, let me know - there might be a jar of strawberry rhubarb jam in it for you.

Little Girl has been loving her soccer - she even had Grandma and Grandpa come to cheer her on for a game (which she loved).

Little Girl got her hair cut the other day.
I know, not big news for everyone, but considering we have been growing it long forever, I was a little sad to see it get cut.


But the biggest news in our lives right now is that Hubby started his new job today!
He is working for the same company, but has moved from inside sales to outside sales.

This has been something he has been working towards for a long time.  It means he will now be out of town 3 days a month.
So next week I get to solo parent for 3 days.  I have been very lucky so far - never have I had to solo parent both kids for longer than one night at a time.
But I am sure we will all do well - the kids  and I will get used to it.  But if you want to cook me dinner next week and drop it off at our house around 5pm - I am more than okay with that too.

Well - that is all that is new for us, I promise to try and be a better blogger now - I do promise some more book reviews and hopefully some recipes coming up soon.

Have a good weekend!

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