Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Solo Parenting

When I first met my husband he worked in a job that took him out of town every Monday morning and he did not return until Wednesday evening.

You might think this is difficult on a relationship but in fact it allowed us both some space and forced alone time.  We never ended up smothering each other or completely neglecting all our friends which is so common in new and exciting relationships.

He did this job for the first 2 years of our relationship and looking back I think it was great.

But of course, when that job changed and he was home every night it was much nicer, he was there all the time and as we started having kids – I needed him there every night. 
When I first had Little Girl he was in a job that took him out of town once in a while – sometimes for 3 – 4 nights in a row – but it wasn’t very often.

I remember HATING those business trips.
I was home all day with a baby, and then no one came home to ‘entertain’ me.
I used to invite friends over for dinner every night he was out of town – just to give me adult interaction / conversation.

But that job ended right around Little Girl’s first birthday and his next job – the one he has currently, has not taken him out of town at all – until today.

Today I am solo parenting. 

I might have super powers for only 3 days, but I belive single
 parents truly do have super powers.

This is the first time I will be solo parenting for more than one night in a row in over 4 years.

Can I honestly admit that I am looking forward to it?
I have so many friends that solo parent a lot (like almost all the time and for weeks if not months on end) that I feel bad in saying that.
But it’s only for 3 nights.

I know the kids are going to have the hardest time with this one – they always want the parent that is not there – of course because all kids believe that the other parent is going to let them have cookies 10 minutes before dinner is ready.

But I also know that they and I will get used to it.  We will get into a routine that might involve me getting up a little bit earlier in the morning, but I can guarantee you, the house will be cleaner these next 3 days than if he were at home.

What about you, do you solo parent much? 
Do you have special rules while you don’t have a partner, like let the kids sleep in your bed? Or watch TV at dinner time?

BTW, I let the kids have the TV on while we eat dinner when Hubby is not there – bad parent I know!


  1. I feel ya! Steve has been got 2 of the last 3 weeks (to Calgary) and is going to Jakarta next week and again in July. It is so tough. I feel like I never get a break, etc. I am more relaxed with the amount of tv I allow Haley (3.5 years) to watch during the day when he is gone. I also don't cook. We have a lot of cheese quesadillas, spaghetti, etc. Things that are super easy and don't require much clean-up. Good luck! Oh, and a glass of wine or beer when they are all asleep is the key too! And a good book!

  2. I can relate with the single parenting thing right now. Dave's plant has been working a shut down since the beginning of may. His shift is 6-13's. So although he is home every night or morning now that he is on night shift, I still have to do supper and bedtime on my own. We have got into a routine now, but I'm looking forward to it being over (only 2 more weeks). I have always respected single parents but now I do even more.

    Oh and I have let my kids watch tv while eating supper some too over that past few months.