Thursday, August 02, 2012

Guest Post by Sandee My "Baby"

My guest blogger today is my good friend Sandee.  She has been a long time reader of Minivan Stiletto and I asked her to blog about her babies (in the non-traditional sense).

I’ve known Jenny for about five years and there is a lot we have in common – we like to read the same kind of books, watch the same kind of movies and TV, a shared love for Starbucks and Taco Time.  Really the only major, very major, difference is Jenny has two beautiful kids and I have……

Just a few.  The colourful ones on the right were my wedding shoes
– hand painted Christian Louboutins!
I have never wanted to have children of my own.  Never.  Growing up it never really crossed my mind.  In my late teens it was never part of “when I grow up” conversations.  All through my 20s people told me, “Oh when you meet the right guy you’ll change your mind and have kids.”

Nope.  It didn’t happen.  I’ve met my husband in my 30s after my career was well established and I had travelled all over the world.  He has two kids of his own, but by the time I met him they were almost adults.  So more like designated drivers for us.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love other people’s kids.  I have nine (almost 10!) awesome nieces and nephews ranging from age 12 to unborn.  I love spending time with them.  I love spoiling them so I am their favourite aunt.  I love giving them junk food for dinner and ice cream for breakfast.

But most of all I love giving them back.  I love sleeping in on Saturday mornings and going away on a whim.  I love doing what I want when I want.  I continue to travel the world (Thailand I think is next).  And I continue to shop.

When I say to people, “No I don’t have kids I have shoes”.  I literally pull up pictures on my cell phone of my favourite pairs.  Hey, if you guys want me to look at pics of your kids then suck it up and look at my shoes!

And now, I have my dream closet.  An entire spare room decked out by California Closets.  I’ve dreamt of this closet my whole life and now it’s here!

One side of the closet.  On the left there is a ‘valet rod’ that pulls out so I
can hang my clothes for the next day.  My necklaces hang on the far right.

Necklaces pull out as well.  I have one of these for
my belts too.

Still work to be done.  Adding in a mirror and filling in the gaps.
I can’t show more of the shoes yet as I need to move the shelves around where my shoes go.  I’m also thinking of adding in a chandelier!  And definitely an ottoman where my friends can sit and drink wine.  The one corner that has nothing….well a TV is going there.  Yes, really.

So now when people ask if I have kids I don’t say a word.  I just pull up pictures of my closet on my blackberry and I say, “my baby”.

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  1. I think that's awesome! I love your closet and from what I can see, your shoe collection. I'm jealous that you own multiple pairs of Louboutins. I would die to own just a single pair!