Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Summer Vacation

The Big Green Dump Truck in Sparwood, BC - we take
the same picture every year.
For our summer vacation this year, we did the same thing we did for the last few years – we went to our trailer which happens to be parked in a lovely campground resort on a lake, we all LOVE it.

The campgroud is called Eagle's Nest Resort - Hubby
snapped this picture with his iPhone one morning.

So since we have been doing our summer vacation in the same place for the last 4 years and it is also the same place we spend every summer long weekend, we didn’t really do anything new.  There were however 2 small changes to our lives that we got to benefit from this vacation making it so far our best ever family vacation!

This was our first vacation in 5 years that no one was in diapers or pull ups and it was also the first vacation in 5 years that no one needed to take a nap!
Two major benefits in our books.

We were at the beach almost every day.
It was hot.
We went for bike rides.
We took walks.
We threw rocks into the lake.
We had camp fires and a sand castle contest.
We had a blast.
Here are a few photos from the week.

A Turtle Climbing onto a Rock
3rd Place!

Self portrait

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