Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Black Thumb of Death

If you have ever been to my house, you know that none of my plants are living, there is occasionally some fresh cut flowers, but that is where it ends.

I learned a long time ago I indeed have two black thumbs of death.  I have been given plants, being told there is no way you can kill this one, they can last a long time without water – but what happens when you water them too much?
Hubby and I have tried, we like the look of plants, we once bought a beautiful big plant to fill a corner in our house and ‘green’ it up a bit while we were trying to sell it.

A month later we see a few bugs – and instantly that plant was outside.  Both of us have absolutely no patience for bugs.

There is one thing I was able to do – once I planted basil by seed and got a beautiful pot full of fresh basil, but at some point in time it died (probably because I ate it all and I have no idea how to use enough to keep it still growing, but not all of it to kill it).

So when a friend, a fellow black thumb of deather, told me she was planting a vegetable garden this year and I should too, I started thinking, hmmm, maybe I could change to a green thumb, not all green – maybe just a dark green.

I will be blogging my whole gardening experience, if you remember this post, I commented on how much I hated my parent’s garden while growing up.  This whole experience has been a little scary; I am turning into my parents more and more.

Here are a few before pictures of our yard.

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