Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I know a lot of people that have a rhubarb plant growing out of control in their back yard.  I have seen these people bring grocery bags of the stuff to work and beg people to take it off their hands.

I have heard: "Come on over tonight and take as much as you want, we never eat it ourselves."

I grew up with at least one big rhubarb plant, and I remember us having way too much too, but that did not stop me.

I wanted my own.  I wanted to be able to make jam, pies, tarts or platz (breakfast dish I grew up with) whenever I wanted and not have to wait for the bag of rhubarb to show up at work.

When I bought this baby a few weeks ago from a local greenhouse, the big leaf in the middle (the one with the arrow pointing at it) was not there at all!

Jackie has been so happy to see this little guy start growing new leaves.  Already we have another leaf well on its way, see the little guy at the bottom.

If you are nice to me, I just might give you a jar of jam in the fall.

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