Monday, May 30, 2011

Garden Picture - week 2 1/2

I want to post a weekly picture of my garden, I missed week one - but since there was nothing new, it was the same as the first picture.

This one shows you where I put the strawberries, the tomatoes are hard to see, but they are one the other side of the pea fence.  Right now there are still only the 3 cherry tomato plants in the ground, the 4 Roma plants are going in this week.

I also missed taking this picture right on week 2 - it was raining a lot and the picture would not have been very good.

You can see though we have a lot of little sprouts.

The carrots are coming up nicely along with most everything else.  We are still waiting for green beans (but I can see they are coming), my green onions are not up at all - do they normally take this long?  I planted them from seed with a seed tape - is that why they are taking longer than everything else?

I also planed garlic - no sign of that yet either, but I am not expecting much - it does much better if you plant it in the fall.

On the plan for this week:
- transplant the Roma tomatoes into the ground
- plant the second row of peas and beans
- plant the remainder of the lettuce, spinach and green onion rows

I should be able to get a week 3 picture on time this week!

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