Friday, January 18, 2013

The Mom Card Revoke

Let me start with a little story.

Last spring I signed Little Girl up for soccer.  She is 5 so she plays on the U5 team.
On the first day of soccer it is cold, rainy, and yucky; she is not 100% she wants to be there anymore –but we persevere. 

We check in and are told to go to a specific spot – there are 4 fields where 8 different teams are going to be playing / practicing – some of the teams are U5 and some are U6.
So I work my Mom magic (complete with placebo magic soccer pills that help calm her nerves) and we have our first practice / game.

But at the end of the game we find out we are on the wrong team – she has been playing on one of the U6 teams!  Well damn it! That would explain why so many of the other kids were so much better than her.

So off we go to join our team and the rest of the season is hunky dory. 
Blue Jersey = Wrong Team
Red Jersey = Right Team
Let’s fast forward to last night.

Last night was Little Girl’s first skating lesson and it also happened to be preschool registration night for Little Boy.

So again I work my Mom Magic and Hubby goes to stand in line for preschool registration, I wrangle the kids with a multitude of food / snacks and Little Boy’s LeapPad to keep him happy (didn’t quite work – I ran out of food).

But anyway, we get to the arena yesterday straight from day home and Little Girl’s name is not on the list.

So I pull up my handy receipt on my email – and voila – she is registered in the Wednesday class!

So we missed the first class already.

Well a huge thank you to the City’s recreation department because they let her join a class last night and next week we will go on the CORRECT night for skating lessons.

But really, I am surprised my Sports Mom Card doesn’t get revoked.
We are taking both kids for skiing lessons tomorrow morning – but Hubby booked them so we should be okay?!

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