Tuesday, September 06, 2011


It is hard to keep track of all the 'firsts' we have had already as parents.

Some you remember like they happened yesterday some you want to forget.

Tomorrow we are having a very exciting 'first'.

Tomorrow is Little Girl's first day of school.
Preschool starts tomorrow and we are all excited.

A lot of my mommy friends did this last year, but since I work full time and the kids are in a day home we decided to skip the age 3 preschool year and just do the age 4 one.

We have a backpack, some new clothes and a new pair of shoes.
I have the afternoon off work and I get to take my baby girl to her first day of school.

Little Girl is pretty shy when she first meets anyone. Swimming lessons last year were an absolute disaster, so we felt it necessary to get her into preschool to help with her shyness and also to give her more exposure to other kids her age. She is in a dayhome, but there are only 4 kids total, she is the oldest and Little Boy is the next oldest. So we felt it to be important for her to have that exposure.

What about you?  Did you put your kids in preschool?  What age and why?

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  1. My oldest is very shy too, but preschool helped him a lot! Now he just started kindergarten, so I hope he continues to come out of his shell :) I hope your little girl has fun, I'm sure she will!