Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thai Cooking Class

I love to cook.  I know how to cook a big family turkey dinner and not freak out or burn anything.
I know how to barbecue.
I know how to chop an onion, mince garlic and fold in my egg whites so my soufflé will not fall.

But I grew up in the Canadian Prairies with a father that likes meat, potatoes, salt and very little pepper.
My adventurous side of cooking was not something I developed at home with my Mom. 
It is something I have learned on my own and I have benefitted by having a husband that will eat almost anything.

So when my girlfriend called and told me Café Divine in Okotoks was hosting a Thai cooking class, I was there.

I have cooked very little Thai food – I have tried to find a good Pad Thai recipe to no avail.  I have used store bought Green Curry Paste and Red Curry Paste, but what I have cooked has always been very North Americanized.  That is not a bad thing, but it is certainly not authentic.

Café Divine hosts a wonderful cooking class with Chef Darren and Chef Adrienne.   Darren was very informative, you can tell he has done his research, he spend a lot of time planning the recipes, making slight changes to incorporate local  ingredients since some authentic Thai vegetables or proteins are not as easy to get around here.

The class was awesome.  Sarah and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and came out with some fantastic recipes we are both going to be making at home very soon.

Check out their website for upcoming classes.

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