Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Big Girl and Little Baby Boy

As soon as you have your first child it seems like you are barely home from the hospital and everyone’s next question is “when are you having another one?”

Thankfully for us, both Hubby and I wanted more than one child.  We have decided 2 is our perfect number.

But something I have noticed in raising these 2 so far is how much I have projected on to each of them.

I have projected Little Girl to be a much bigger girl than she really was, because suddenly she was a big sister.  They are just under 20 months apart in age.  When Little Boy was born, she was not yet 2, she was not potty trained, she was not even in pull-ups, she had minimal communication skills, she was still drinking her milk out of a bottle for god’s sake and yet I expected her to be so much older.

Little Boy - 10 days old; Little Girl - 20 months old!

And I have also projected Little Boy into being my baby for much longer than I did with her (or I see other parents do).
He is turning 3 in November and just last weekend I carried him home from a play date instead of making him walk – he is over 30 pounds, has been walking for almost 2 years, and was more than capable of walking, but yet I caved to his asking to be carried.

But at the same time I am not ready for my baby to grow up.  Every time I refer to him as a baby, he corrects me and tells me he is not a baby!  And every time I remind him he will always be MY baby, even when he is bigger than me and hates Mommy kisses.

What about you?  What expectations have you put onto your children, have you been the same as me, expecting your oldest to grow up so much faster just because they are the oldest?

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