Thursday, September 08, 2011

No Tears!

Yesterday was Little Girl's first day of pre-school!

She was so excited in the morning - getting out of bed the first time I asked her to - getting dressed right away and letting me comb her hair (a daily battle I often don't fight).

Here she is in the morning - ready to go to day home with her backpack.

She will be going 4 afternoons a week, and she gets to go with her best friend.
Here they are together right before going in.

In the class room with her name tag.  Look at how excited she is!

Bye Mom!

She has a great first day.  She was super excited to be there and did not cry or fuss at all - she made sure I said good-bye, but then was more than ready for me to go.

I am so super proud of her.  We were not sure what to expect, it was just under a year ago we had swimming lessons that ended up with her not even in the water for more than half the classes.
Amazing how fast she is changing and becoming this independent little girl.

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