Monday, July 23, 2012

Going Home for a Parade

I grew up in a small town just over an hour outside of Calgary called Three Hills (and yes, there are actually 3 hills there), my parents still live there so occasionally we head up to visit.  This weekend though, Three Hills was celebrating their centennial so we decided to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa and also take the kids to the parade.

This was their first parade ever and the best part about small town parades besides the tractors is the candy!


My Dad is one of the Town Councillors - the kids were super excited that
Grandpa got to be in the parade and throw candy to them.

Check out the loot - we actually dumped the pails into grocery
bags and they filled them up again.

My kids are such city kids - in absolute awe of the big tractors.

Best friends from high school - Karalee and I

I asked the kids the next day what they liked best about the parade, here is what they said:

Little Boy: I liked the fire truck and the cement truck!
Little Girl: My favourite was the candy!
Little Boy: Oh, yeah, me too, my favourite was the candy!
Little Girl: I liked seeing Grandpa in the parade!

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  1. Small town parades are the best for the candy. It's no fun going to a parade and not being able to collect stuff!