Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Olympics

I love the Olympics!  I love the Summer Olympics and I love the Winter Olympics, I will watch any sport even if Canada is not competing, but I will enjoy it so much more if Canada is in contention for a medal.

A Canadian Moose outside the Canadian team residence in London
 I don’t know exactly when I fell in love with them, but I remember watching Olympic diving and swimming as a child, probably 1988.
I was visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Quebec in 1996 watching CBC in French when Donovan Bailey won his gold medal.

Every 2 years when the Olympics come around, I am tempted to book 2 weeks off work and do nothing all day but watch every sport I can; I have no idea why I love them – but I do. 

So tomorrow the Opening Ceremonies start at 4:00pm (MST); my PVR is set! 

Simon Whitfield - Canada's flag bearer
And then we go on holidays for a week, boooo, or yeah, I am not really sure how I feel – yeah I will be on holidays, at the lake not working, but at the same time we get no TV reception even though we do have a TV in the trailer.

But we are only gone a week, and then I am home and just in time to catch most of the finals and most of the medals!

And just because this picture has been flying around the internet in the past 2 days, I leave you with the Australian Men’s Swim team.


What about you?  Are you watching the Olympics?  And who are you cheering for?

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  1. I am speechless after that last photo.

    I love the Olympics a LOT too. Every event, but rowing is my favourite! I hope you'll be able to catch some of the games at your trailer... maybe CBC with some bunny ears?