Monday, July 30, 2012

Guest Post by Alison - My Job

My guest poster today is Alison.  I know Alison because her husband is my brother's best friend but I have really gotten to know her through her blog, she is an avid blogger and very open and honest.
I asked her to blog about her job because I think she is truly amazing at what she does!

Hello Minivan Stiletto readers! I am pretty excited to be filling in for the awesome Jenny while she is off vacationing with her family in BC. I'm Alison and I blog over the Life and times of Alison & Justin. I mainly blog about my family, friends, my love for clothes, decorating, ice cream & sloths. A little random but it works. 

It's not that often I blog about work but it's a huge part of ME. I work for a private school for students on the autism spectrum (and those with similar learning styles) here in Calgary and I am proud to say that I truly love going to work each day. It doesn't bring in the big bucks but it fill my heart more than any other job could.

I was never one of those people who growing up knew exactly what they wanted to be. At one point I longed to be a Vet but after a couple years volunteering in our local vet office, sitting in on a few surgeries and helping out with a dog who had an encounter with a porcupine - I soon learned it was not for me.

 Then once I entered high school I found a classroom that changed ME. It was a classroom within our school full of amazing people that had varying disabilities. I spent a lot of time in that classroom - I would visit at lunch, instead of taking spares I took "special project" to work in within the class and even while in college I did practicums there - it was definitely my favorite "class" in high school.

Despite these students having a disability, they were by far the happiest students in the school and their energy and personalities just draw you in.

I went on to get a degree in Community Rehabilitation & Disability Studies and have spent the last 15 years working with mainly kids and teens with some sort of disability.

When people find out what I do, most people say something like "oh it takes a special person to do that" or "you must have a lot of patience"...sure - I do think it takes the RIGHT person to work in my field but I think it takes the right person for any job - I clearly could never be a Vet, teach Spanish, be a land man or nurse or do all the confusing stuff that my husband does on a computer. But I do believe I am perfect for MY job and I have the qualities I need to support those I work with. I enjoy the day to day challenges it brings and the way I see it, the amazing moments definitely out weigh the rough days. 

I laugh every day. I am enlightened every day. I am reminded of how lucky I am every day and the best part is - I know at the end of every day that we are making a difference in not only the lives of our students but their families too. And that to me is priceless.

The best part is, often my job becomes more than just a job. These people sometimes become family. They came to our wedding, they have sleep overs and their own room in our home, they call on a nightly basis, they add Cruz to their blessings each night - I would move mountains for these people and I can honestly say I am so grateful for what my job has taught me, given me and continues to teach me on a daily basis.

Thank you for having me Jenny!

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  1. I love Allison and her big heart! This made me tear up!