Thursday, July 05, 2012

My Long Weekend

Welcome back!  I was off work all last week and honestly it has taken me a few days to get back into the swing of things.  Plus we were out at the lake for the long weekend and I really want to go back.

Here's a little re-cap on last week and the weekend:
So our day home was closed - so I was off work.  Monday and Tuesday Hubby was working, so I was home with the kids - it was pure heaven!  I got so much stuff done, I could not believe how much easier it is to get ready for the trailer when I have 2 full days to do it.

On Tuesday I took Little Boy for his allergy test.  We knew he was allergic to fish, but needed to get an official diagnosis and see just how allergic he was.  Well after waiting 10 months for the appointment, we took the train into downtown and confirmed he is mildly allergic to various types of fish – mild enough not to need an epipen – yeah! 

Then Wednesday it was off to the lake we went.
The weather was not perfect, but it wasn't horrible either – so overall great and I'll take it.

Thursday was really nice so the kids wanted the kiddie pool set up – but of course could not wait for the sun to warm up the water at all. 

Needless to say, they had a blast.  After this Hubby took them down to the lake and they continued to have fun and swim in a very cold, not yet warmed up lake – kids are crazy!

I enjoyed many hours doing this:

Ahhh, bliss.

We had fun chatting with friends we had not seen since last year and we also had fun making sure the kids and people avoided the bears that were being spotted in and around the camp ground.

We figured they would take off once everyone arrived on Friday, but I guess the thought of all those smokies and beers are just too tempting for a bear.

Hubby spotted one on the train tracks Saturday evening and the next day the bear traps were set up.

This is how close that trap was to everything - literally right in the middle of
the campground.
As of when we left none had been caught, but more were spotted.  Hoping they are caught soon.

But back to reality, well what ever that means in Calgary during Stampede...

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  1. Glad you had a good week! And no bears joined your party!! Ah yes Stampede...