Tuesday, January 24, 2012


As we raise our 2 children I often sit back and marvel at the different kinds of relationships children have with their parents.

I know quite a bit of it is due to each parent having different personalities, but more times than not, I hear from my girlfriends about how their children and my children are the same in wanting Daddy for things over Mommy.

Today Hubby is going to be the parent helper in Little Girl’s pre-school. 
She is beyond excited about it.

He is bringing the snack – okay I planned and prepped the entire snack – he just has to remember to actually bring it.
Does he want to be the helper today?  Not really, but he is going to do it because he loves his daughter and it is going to be so special for her to have him there.

Dad’s hold such a special place in a child’s heart, I am so lucky to have a husband that is involved in his kids’ lives.

He is an amazing father!

Fishing together last summer.

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