Monday, January 09, 2012


I have posted about my reading before, and if you know me, you know I love to talk about books.  Books I am reading, books you are reading, you name it, I want to talk about them.

I love to read.
I have been reading since the summer before grade 6 when I discovered The Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High series at my local library.

I am in 2 book clubs and still read more.
Last year I managed to read 45 books, the year before I hit a personal best of 57.
I never do not have a book on the go.
I will finish reading one book and pick up another one 5 minutes later.

With e-readers hitting the market a few years ago, I have been paying attention.
I have to admit, as much as I love reading, I do not have a love affair with the actual paper books.
I hate borrowing a book from the library and getting a big, heavy hard cover.
I hate buying a cheap book, and trying to keep the book open without breaking the spine.

So this year, I bought myself a Christmas present.
I bought myself a Kobo.
I arrived just the other day.

So far I have 5 books loaded onto it, and as soon as I am done reading my current book (which happens to be a big, heavy hard cover), I will be diving in.
(Editing to add: I wrote this post late last week, finished the book on the weekend and I am already over half done my first Kobo book.)
I am looking forward to seeing how or if this changes my reading.

I am pretty sure if anything it means I read more.
You see I often read while I am sitting with one of the kids while they are watching TV, but sometimes it is hard to hold the book, or if it is too big, it gets in the way – with a Kobo, this will not be the case.

Why a Kobo?
I did quite a bit of research.
Mostly I looked at the Kobo vs. the Kindle.
I picked the Kobo because I often get gift cards to Chapters for birthdays, Christmas, etc. – and I can use those gift cards to purchase e-books at the Kobo store.
Also, I like that I can go to Chapters and pick out my case – that is something I can’t order online.

For the Kobo – I picked the Kobo Touch – I like the idea of the Kobo Vox (colour screen), so I could have recipe books, magazines or even kids’ books on there, but I own a million cookbooks already, I never read magazines, and I think the kids need tactile books for now.
And the kicker – the Kobo Vox will not allow you to download books from your library.
Done – I am a library supporter and love to borrow from them.  Now Calgary Public Library, you just need to get more e-books please!

What about you?  Are you a big reader?
Do you have an e-reader or are you holding out with paper?


  1. I love to read too, but I don't have much time. I only read before I go to bed. I have a Kindle which I got over a year ago. I like it so much better than hard cover books! Enjoy your Kobo :)

  2. I love to read as well and I also am not ever not reading something. Did that even make sense?

    I do not have an e-reader though and I'm not sure why. I don't mind big heavy books do maybe that's part of it. But really, there's no reason I guess other than money. Maybe I'm too cheap.


  3. I have a Kobo as well, which I love....but my VERY favorie books that I read over and over need to be real.

  4. This makes me so SAD :( another paper book reader gone. I LOVE my paper books, the feel, the look, the cover photos, the smell - love it all! I can't imagine a day I will ever have a electronic reader, however, I also said I would never shoot digital! I was a holdout though with the film for years so I am sure it will be YEARS before I have to worry about coming to the dark side!

    Enjoy your KOBO! (my mom loves her)