Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting to Know Us - Brutis

I thought I would try and do a few posts about who we are and share more about us.

First up is the dog.
He often makes appearances here, but I don’t talk about him a whole lot.

Name: Brutis
Age: 6
Birthday: Dec 2, 2006
Breed: Long Haired Miniature Daschund
Colour: Red

We got him when he was about 13 weeks from a breeder up past Edmonton. 
What we did not know, was we got him quite sick, he had gotten a parasite from the well water at the breeders place that looked like Parvo to the vet.
He was hospitalized for 2 nights while on medication and got better.

He was our first child and although he has been knocked down the totem pole a few times, we always tell him he was first and we picked him, but just got stuck with the kids.
That and he get to stay up with us when the kids have to go to bed.
Plus, he loves going to the park with us when we take the kids - he loves going down the slides!

Yes - he is humping Little Girl here.

If you know the daschund breed, you know they are full of personality and like to bark.  Well Brutis is no exception, he certainly likes to bark.
He is hubby’s dog.  If I am left alone with Brutis, he will steal kid’s toys and run away from me – and let me tell you – he is impossible to catch – so he gets a leash put on him when hubby leaves, this allows me to catch him.

Little Boy has loved him since day one, Little Girl however sometimes barely tolerates him – but we know she loves him and will miss him terribly when one day he is gone.

While camping one time, he hurt his leg, thankfully we had the Snugglie along (and he fit).

 We have tons of funny pictures of situations he has been in, or should I say we have put him in.

He is so much a part of our family, we are lucky we camp for our holidays because I could not imagine a family vacation without him.

He can often be found under a blanket with only a nose sticking out.

Wearing Little Boy's pajamas

Tobogganing with Dad and Little Girl

In the morning he loves to snuggle with Dad in bed.  I think Dad likes it too.

 I love the look on his face.  I think he is swearing at me right there.


  1. Ah I love this post! You have awesome photos. LOVE the pb one and all the dressed up ones. So great!

  2. Super cute! Love that you still have so much love for your pup:)