Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting to Know Us - Hubby

Since I did a blog post about our dog, I guess that means I have to continue with the rest of the family.
Next up: Hubby!

Instead of me telling you all about where he was born and how old he was when he lost his virginity (joking), I thought I would tell you about how we met.

Hubby is from Ontario, grew up in Toronto, but in 1997 he moved to Calgary with some friends.
The friends have all since gone home and lost touch with each other, but he stayed.
From what he tells me, he fell in love with the city, met some great friends and got very acquainted with the mountains.

In early 2003, he decided to take a part time job and landed one at the Saltlik Restaurant in DT Calgary.

In early 2003, I needed more money, and looking to make some new friends and hopefully find a boyfriend, I got a part time job at the same restaurant.

We were in the same training group and met on the first day.
He was actually the first person I spoke to in the training group.

We were friendly, but the whole group was.  After our last training session, we all headed out for drinks together where I did not believe he was as old as he claimed to be (29) and insisted on some ID. Hmm, sure enough he was 29 – but did not look it at all – he looked way younger.

Fast forward a few months, and my birthday was coming up, I invited a whole bunch of people to come out dancing and drinking.

He had a prior engagement, so could not attend, but instead he gave me a birthday card, saying that he would take me out later to celebrate.

I was in shock.
I had not looked at him that way yet, but obviously he had.

A few weeks later we finally were able to connect and go out for a drink together, and about a week after that we went out for dinner together.

There was no looking back.  We started dating mid-May 2003, and by September of the same year we were moving into a new apartment together.
We lived in our downtown rental together for 9 months before we bought our first house together and moved to the burbs.

We moved June 2004 and in September while on holidays on the beach in Tofino at sunset, he asked me to marry him.

Of course I said yes. And we got married in October 2005.

The rest is history as they might say, a dog, and 2 kids later and still as much in love as the day I said yes.

I wanted to include some pictures of him and I from early in our relationship, but everything we have from then is on film still, I have never transferred it over to digital, so the best I can give you are pictures from the last few years.

It is amazing how hard it is to find pictures of him with out at least one kid in the pictures.
Note to self: take more pictures of Hubby and not just when he has a kid doing something cute.

Summer 2011

Heli-Hiking August 2009

It is funny how many pictures I have of these 2 sleeping together.

Our family - December 2011

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  1. I love 'how we met' stories. Even though I'm familiar with yours, it was great to hear it from your side this time!