Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Learning to Skip Rope

You know that man I wrote about a few days ago.
I only told you the story about how we met, I did not tell you what I have subsequently found out.

When I met him, I had no idea what kind of man he would be 9 years later.
I had no way of knowing what kind of Dad he would be.

I can honestly admit, I was a little apprehensive while I was pregnant with Little Girl, because until I had a significant baby belly, he used to get frustrated with me for coming home, laying on the couch completely exhausted after a simple day of work.
He asked me (more than once), "What is wrong with you?  Why are you so tired?"
To which, I used to say calmly in my super nice wife voice "I AM PREGNANT.  HOW DO YOU FORGET THIS?"

Yes, his Mother will agree with me, he is not known for his memory.

But back to the kind of Dad he is.
First, he spend quite a bit of time this winter with Little Girl working on teaching her how to skate, and this past weekend when she said she wanted to learn how to skip, he grabbed a rope, and started teaching her.

At first she had a hard time with the timing, so I jumped in (literally) and showed her how it works - but let me tell you, the last time I probably skipped like that was around 25 years ago, it is a lot different now.
25 years ago, I didn't have any boobs. 
I was not wearing a sports bra - let's just say both hubby and I were killing ourselves laughing at how much more 'movement' there is when you skip rope at our age now.

Back to Little Girl - she did great, it did not take her long to figure out the timing (with the help of a super fantastic, patient Father), and now all she wants to do is skip rope.

I can't remember how old I was when I learned how to skip rope, but I do know, I was not 5 years old and being taught by my father.


  1. Awwww, that is so sweet! A father/daughter relationship is just so special and your daughter is blessed to have such a patient and loving Daddy. BTW, I'm Jennifer's Mom (The Fit Housewife gal) which is where I saw your blog. The part of your blog that intrigued me the most was "What's On My Nightstand" as I'm a voracious reader too and belong to 2 book clubs. Blessings to you and your sweet family.

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment!
      Glad to hear you like to book component to the blog.
      I would love to hear what you are reading and if you have any suggestions for me.