Sunday, April 01, 2012

Live! with Kelly... in Banff

I am sure you have all heard, Live! with Kelly is filming 4 shows in Banff this week.

A number of weeks ago when it was announced, anyone that wanted to could sign up online to get tickets to the shows and all tickets were going to be awarded by lottery.

As the date approached, I, nor anyone I knew won tickets.

And then on Friday, I was driving home and I got a call from a friend.  She had just checked her mail and she got tickets.

So of course what do I do?
Well first I called my sister and told her to check her mail.
Then I drove home and checked my mail. (I actually came home and checked the mail before I picked up the kids).

Guess what?  I GOT TICKETS!

I called my sister immediately and if I had not been driving I would have been jumping up and down.

You see I love Kelly Ripa.
I spent 2 different maternity leave years watching her and Regis everyday.

As I battled some pretty sever loneliness after Little Girl was born, I looked forward to watching Live every morning.
I fell in love with them but mostly with Kelly - maybe it's because she is a Mom too and I could relate to her way more than Regis.  Maybe it is because she is super cute and who could not love her?

Well needless to say, I am beyond excited to be heading out super early tomorrow morning to watch the show taping.

The show I going to will be aired on Wednesday morning - I will be PVRing it to see if I can see myself, although I am not optimistic, but you never know, I could get discovered and suddenly be famous.
Then you all will be able to say you knew me when I was just Jenny and read her blog before she was famous.
Ha ha, okay, I make myself laugh too.


  1. Have so much fun!! Take lots of pics!!! You will totally become famous!!

  2. I saw this on TV over the weekend, super exciting that you are going. Enjoy and I'll watch for you! :)