Thursday, April 05, 2012

I'm on TV!

I told you all that I got tickets to a Live! With Kelly show taping that was happening here in Banff this week, well I have become famous!
I am on TV.

I might only be on TV for half a second, but I made it.

I am in the centre wearing red.
My sister Amy is on the right and Melissa from Family Fun Calgary is on my left.

We had such a great time.  We got up super early, met up at the Humptys on the Trans Canada (if you are from Calgary, you know what I am talking about, if not - it is just a place people meet up to carpool to the mountains).
We stood in line for about 2 hours, waited in the theatre for another hour and laughed so much while watching the show.

Kelly was super funny! I have always loved her, and I love her even more now.

Co-hosting with her was Peter Facinelli.  I was able to snap a few picture, but I warn you, they are terrible quality because the lighting was so bad and I was about 20 rows up.

Kelly Ripa & Peter Facinelli

Their guest was Johnny Galecki (Leonard on The Big Bang Theory)

Johnny Galecki with Peter Facinelli & Kelly Ripa

The whole thing was fun.  I had a great time hanging with Amy and also getting to know Melissa a bit better. 

I picked up a small souvenir.

When I was on mat leave and started watching Kelly, I used to put Little Girl down for her morning nap, get a cup of coffee and watch the show, but now I can use my official Live with Kelly mug to watch - I just need to figure out how to get out of work in the mornings (and going back onto mat leave is NOT an option - so don't even suggest it!)

I will leave you with a picture of Amy and I in the theatre before the show started.


  1. Super jealous! I used to watch Kelly on "All My Children" (all the way back to when she first came on) as my mom was an avid watcher and got me hooked at an early age.

    I have loved "Live!" for years too! Would love to go to a live taping.

    1. Brandy - it was super fun - I will never get to do it again unless I go while on vacation - this was just way cheaper.

  2. I tried so hard to get tickets-- you totally lucked out! Glad you had fun!

    1. I know I totally lucked out - Melissa come along with us and got in on stand by - it was a really fun day.