Friday, December 23, 2011

Are you ready?

I know I have been a little absent from here in the past few days, but I have had a good reason, honest. 
I have been busy.  Not braving the malls, or last minute shopping, but busy with everything else.

Monday I got a chance to go and see the premier of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I was so looking forward to this movie, not only have I read all the books, but I have seen the Swedish movies too (well all except the third one yet, but I will see that one soon).

The movie by the way is fantastic.  I really liked it, I was a little leary that Holleywood would screw up an already fantastic movie, but they did a good job - and Daniel Craig is in it - Yumm!
I am really looking forward to seeing what they do with the next 2.

Then Tuesday Hubby and I had tickets to the hockey game (which they won I might ad), so that was another late night.

But I am all done my Christmas shopping, I have tackeled a good chunk of the wrapping, I think Hubby and I will do the rest on Christmas eve after the kids are in bed.
In the past we have not put any presents under the tree until after they go to bed - does everyone do this, or do you put everything under except the Santa gifts?

For Christmas this year, we are not getting together with my family at all - this is the odd year and everyone else is doing their own thing, so Christmas morning will be at our house - I like this the best - no hauling all the gifts around, the kids sleep best in their own beds, and we can get up as early as we want and not feel bad for waking everyone else up.  I am guessing the kids are going to be awake at 5:30 this year - I will have to report back on just how early it is - last year I think it was 5:45?

Then after our Christmas morning, we are going to head to Hubby's Mom's place (about an hour and a half drive away) where we will have Christmas dinner, more gifts for the kids and then stay the night.

Hopefully the weather is nice and we can hit up a taboggan hill or do some skating.

What about you?  What are your Christmas plans?
Are you ready for Christmas in your house?

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