Friday, December 09, 2011


Going to see Santa in a city as young and busy as Calgary is usually no small feat, especially when your kids are young and they are as shy as mine are.

Since we live in the deep south end of the city, we always go to Southcentre Mall for our Santa photos.  They have a great Christmas village setup – a big tree, with tunnels and little things to keep the kids occupied as they wait.  They also have the cookie kitchen every year.

This year we were pro-active, last Saturday I sent hubby to the mall early; he arrived at 9:40 and was fifth in line.  I left the house as soon as he called me and we made a bee line for Santa.  Santa arrived at 10:00, just before we go there, and when we walked in there were at least 50 families in line.

We had almost no wait, and my nervous kids were fantastic!  Look – smiles!

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  1. So cute!!! So nice to see them Saturday - and you guys!