Thursday, December 15, 2011


It seems like every time I get together with a group of Mom’s the conversation at some point in time turns to school.

Little Girl as you know is in pre-school and next year will be heading to Kindergarten.
I grew up in small towns, so there was never any question as to what school you went to.  You went to the only school in town, but now living in the city; “what school are you sending your child to next year?” is a question I hear a lot of.  There are a lot of different options out there – and I guess everyone has to find what works for them.

Do you choose the school that is within walking distance of your house?  Or do you choose a different school you might have to bus your kids to?

Either way, Little Girl will not be able to stay at the same dayhome, so we are going to have to drive her somewhere. (Day home lady does not take before and after school kids.)

Just after Little Girl was born I heard about Foundations for the Future Charter Academy from an acquaintance that was about to send their son there.
I heard them speak very highly about this school and knew I had to look into it.

I immediately put Little Girl onto the wait list.  She was only 4 months old.
When Little Boy was born, I put him on the wait list too.

Every year we get an email from the school letting us know it is time to re-new our wait list position.
And every year it feels so far away, someday, eventually they will go to school, but that is not something I have to deal with for now.

Until yesterday.
Yesterday I got a different email from the school.  An email letting us know about the Kindergarten Information Night coming up in early January!

Holy Crap!
I knew this process would start in the New Year, I was just not mentally prepared to deal with this until after Christmas.

But we are excited.
I am crossing my fingers, but I know that Little Girl just slaughtered her Dad in a game of memory on the weekend – yup – she’s brilliant!  Or does that say something about my husband?  Ha ha, kidding honey.

What about you?  Where do your kids go to school or where are you planning on sending them?

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  1. HI, Jenny!
    Just way your tweet titled "School" and as a newly retired educator (Nov 30th after 30 years with Edmonton Public Schools) had to chime in. I am an early childhood specialist, too. Actually, have three specializations: English literature and fine art as well as ECS. Education and schooling is so important - and it is obvious you know that. The most important aspects, from my perspective, when choosing a school for your children are these:
    1. Students learn as much from their classmates as they do from their teacher: surround them with good people
    2. A school (again, in my opinion) should reflect the world we live in and a multicultural environment with a cross section of society is an important place for a child who is loved, nurtured, and supported at home (huge advantages) to learn and grow in
    3. Academic results are very important, but testing for these measures only a fraction of what actually goes on and is learned in schools: check out the school - visit it, attend classes, understand the philosophy of the school and particularly how the school deals with bullying as this is rampant in today's society and sadly, many schools do not address this properly
    4. Parental involvement: parents need to be in the schools assisting teachers in all aspects of educating their children: teaching should be a partnership and in the perfect world (that of one parent at home)parents should be in every classroom every day. That being said, all parents are not suited to work inside of the classroom with children, but there is enough to do for all parents around the school that their presence and contribution will make a significant impact upon the education of their child.
    You are embarking upon a great and wonderful journey. My gals both got married this past summer - but, I clearly remember....