Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Gifts

This year the kids are both old enough to ask Santa for specific toys.
Right from the get go, Little Girl has asked Santa for an Ariel doll with legs (meaning – she wants a Barbie sized Ariel that has legs and not a mermaid tail).  You know, so she can be a princess and hang out with all her princess friends.
She also has asked for a Barbie house – which I have convinced her she might need a Princess Castle instead.

Little Boy has asked for only one thing – a Cement Truck.

We have one small problem – you see we have an amazing Day home provider, Anna throws a Christmas party every year, invites not only her current children and their parents, but also her past children and their families.  And every year, Santa comes.  He brings a big bag of gifts, one for each child.  (Yeah, I know, AMAZING!)

The Kids and I waiting for Santa to arrive - and then the camera batteries died - so no pictures with Santa.

We told the kids that Santa was coming to Anna’s party as a special treat, but he would come back on Christmas Eve.
Guess what?  3 year old boys don’t quite understand that.
Yup – he got his present from Santa, and sat down to open it.
His words: Yeah, a cement truck.
Me: (in my head) oh shit, this is not a cement truck.
As he is ripping it open and sees it is not a cement truck.
Little Boy: ohhh, it not a cement truck.
Insert pouty face here.
Me: (in my head) double shit – we should have spent more time talking him through this.
(out loud now) Honey, Santa is going to come again in a few days and bring more toys.
Little Boy: okay!

And he was happy. 
Whew, crisis averted.
I was so relieved that he got over it so fast, mostly because other people where there and I really did not want to be that parent with a child that is not happy to get a gift.
Little Girl got her Ariel with feet – super happy!

Now Santa comes again in 5 nights and ohhh, I am so excited! 

Little boy is getting this kick ass Cement Truck.
And Little Girl is getting this princess castle.

Oh and various other things in stockings and from Mom and Dad, because what kind of parents would we be if Santa was the only one to have a present under the tree for them?

What about your house?  Is Santa bringing exactly what your kids have asked for?

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  1. Yup Grady is getting a yo-to as per request :) but I must tell you it's a concrete mixer :)