Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Little Boy

He makes us laugh at least once a day, sometimes just a little laugh, sometimes our sides hurt from laughing so much.

A few weeks ago, when we set up the Christmas tree, out came all of our stockings.

Well, who knows where he go the idea, because we don't call our socks stockings in this house, but he thought it was a good idea to wear his stocking around the house for the rest of the day.

I eventually made him take it off, telling him it would get wrecked if he continued to wear it, and Santa would not be able to fill it.

That seems to have worked, but I know he wants to wear it still.

He can wear a princess dress, he can walk in heals better than some women I know, and now he has taken to earings as well.

Man I love him!

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