Monday, December 05, 2011


I want to collect something.

Everyone has a ‘thing’ they collect.  I don’t have a ‘thing.
I have a lot of cookbooks, but I would never say I actually collect them.

What should I collect?
My Mother-in-law collects bird house.  I love them, I would love to collect them, but I have nowhere to put them and the style of my house does not match them at all.

I saw this nice looking cookie jar in a recent Crate & Barrel flyer and I thought, hmmm, I could collect cookie jars, but then I did a quick Google Image search of ‘cookie jars’ and holy crap, there are a lot of really, really ugly cookie jars out there.

 And besides, I don’t even use a cookie jar.  So that is not going to work.

Oh, wait, I do have quite a few Starbucks mugs, I have been planning on doing a whole post on them all as a matter of fact.  But I would never want to officially collect them.

Maybe I should stick to collecting wine!

There is only one problem, my wine collection ends up being more of a empty wine bottle collection!

Maybe I could convince Hubby to make me something like this:

What about you?  Do you collect anything?

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  1. Tea pots...but I'm only allowed to have 5 at a time due to space limitations, so when I want to buy a new one, I have to give an old one away. I love reading your blog by the way Jenny!