Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Morning / Day

I told the kids before they went to bed they could not get up before 6:00am, or course this means nothing to a 3 year old who can't tell time.  But we were lucky, the kids woke up at 5:50am - not bad considering I thought they would be up closer to 5.

Since this was the first year that Little Boy really understood the concept of Santa, his reaction was great.  Pure suprise and joy!

We started with our stockings...

And then moved on to the big ticket item...

We all had a blast.  After we were done, the kids played for over an hour with their new toys with no fighting, screaming or needing a parent to play with them - I chalk that down to a win.

Little Boy got this Spiderman action figure from us, it shoots a web out of his hand - let me tell you, that thing is the best for a little 3 year old who loves to shoot everything.

After we had lunch, we packed everyone up, and headed to Grandma's house, where we opened more presents, played and then had Christmas dinner.

I took very few photos of course but I did snag this one.  Love how the 4 of them are all hanging out together.

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