Monday, November 21, 2011

Cupcakes for Sale

If you know me in real life, or even if you have been following my blog for a little while, it is no secret I love to spend time in the kitchen.
I love cooking and baking.
There is only one problem with my love of baking, I don’t really eat much of it.  I am not a big chocolate fan, I rarely crave cookies, so when I do make these wonderful things, someone has to eat them.
Usually that task falls to poor Hubby, but as much as he loves my baking, what do you do when you have a whole cake, or 12 leftover cupcakes?
There is no way he should eat it all. (I say should because I know he can, but he really shouldn’t.)

So I have blessed many of my co-workers with the test batches and leftovers of my baking adventures.

We recently had some leftover birthday cupcakes and when I brought them to the office, I got my very first paid baking job.
I was hired to make a dozen white and a dozen chocolate cupcakes for a baby shower a co-worker was putting on.

So this past weekend I baked to my heart’s content, and earned a little Christmas money on the side.

I had a great time, doing something I love doing as a hobby, I heard the cupcakes went over well, who knows, I just might have something here?

Anyone need some Christmas baking done? 

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