Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In the Kitchen with Mom

One of my wishes for my kids is that they enjoy the kitchen as much as I do, and if they maybe are not that person that loves to cook, at least I want them to know how to cook a nice meal and bake a cake from scratch.

So we spend a lot of time together in the kitchen.  Usually it is making cookies or cakes – really anything with the stand mixer and they are involved.

But recently Little Girl for a kid’s cookbook as a gift, so this past Sunday, I sat her down and told her to pick a recipe and we will make it together for dinner.

Well, she did me one better, she picked 2 recipes – dinner and dessert.

So on Sunday afternoon, while Little Boy napped, we made dinner and dessert.  She was so proud of herself! 

Recipes will follow tomorrow!

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